Food is Life!-A Weight Loss Journey

I decided to start another weight loss journey. I ordered some Formula 1 shake mix from HerbaLife, and I’ve made the vow to treat myself better. Maybe I’ll do a little Tae Bo when I get home or maybe I’ll just sit on my plush couch and rest.

My whole life I have been the little cute chubby kid, who despised getting her cheeks pinched (PSA: Please stop squeezing children’s cheeks. If he/she didn’t request a squeeze, then keep your hands to yourself). Anyways, I was always outside playing and running around, but my weight just seemed to follow me around. I was a chubby kid, but I was still fast and I played numerous sports. Still my pediatrician used to give me unsolicited advice like eat an apple a day. *side-eye* What is a kid supposed to do with that advice, because an apple pie still has apples in it? As I got older, the weight just started to creep up without me even noticing. Sometimes I would decide to go on a diet and work-out, but I never stick to anything. Besides when I got on the scale, it never seemed to move in, so I would give up.

Then in 2015, I had umbilical hernia surgery. As a pre-surgical physical, I had to get an EKG, because of my excessive weight. After surgery, I gained 25 pounds, which made me the heaviest that I have ever been. The new weight means that I can no longer fit a lot of  my clothing. The new weight means that I have knee pain and heel pain. Then the depression sets in, and I like to eat my feelings, and then I get depressed. And sometimes burritos, Oreos, Snickers and fried chicken are life. I totally understand that the heavier I get, the harder it will be on my body. Sometimes food feels like life to me. Every time I don’t hit my weight loss or work out goal, I lose faith in myself.

Also as a women, we often are consumed with taking care of everyone first. This post is a realization that if I don’t start taking care of myself, then I won’t last much longer to take care of anyone else. This post is also a wake up call to anyone else dealing with the same dilemma.

I feel like this time it is non-negotiable. I’ve made an appointment to see a therapist, so I can get help with the depression and anxiety. One day at a time. I’m claiming  that is time is the final time. I am claiming that I won’t give up this time. This time I’ll stick to my plan. This time is non-negotiable.

Name it and claim it. Down by 20 pounds by November 9th.





One thought on “Food is Life!-A Weight Loss Journey

  1. Rooting for you, identify with everything you said and am in the same boat. Teaching myself that food is not a reward, or cure for loneliness and pain


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