I swear Black people can’t have anything. We can’t have our history taught in schools. We can’t be armed. We can’t even have a hashtag. People are so quick to say that #AllLivesMatter, but that is not the history of the United States. America’s history is filled with death and brutalization of Black people.


  • KKK march freely with police protection, but the Black Lives Matter peaceful protestors are arrested
  • the town of Rosewood was destroyed during a racially motivated riot
  • Kendrick Johnson was beaten, killed and thrown in a rolled up wrestling mat (no charges have been filed)
  • Black Wall Street was BOMBED and burned. 3000 Black people died and 600 businesses lost
  • Sandra Bland (murdered while in police custody)
  • Philando Castile (murdered by police while a child sat in the back seat)
  • Alton Sterling (murdered by police while selling cds)
  • Indian Removal Act of 1830 (2,000-6000 Cherokee died along the route)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. (I thought they loved peaceful negroes)
  • Fred Hampton (murdered while in bed next to his pregnant wife)
  • Emmett Till (murdered for whistling at a white woman)
  • Dylan Roof murdered 9 people but was treated with Burger King
  • George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin, and then sold the murder weapon
  • People grieved for a week and sent death threats to a mother, because a gorilla was shot.
  • A white boy was caught raping an unconscious woman, but only received 6 months in jail.
  • the government allowed residents of Flint to drink lead water for 2 years and no one opened their mouth
  • Tamir Rice (murdered for being a kid)
  • 1963 bombing of Sixteenth Street Baptist Church
  • Rekia Boyd (murdered)
  • Tanisha Anderson (murdered by police)
  • Yvette Smith (murdered by police
  • Malissa Williams (murdered by police)
  • Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
  • Jim Crow Laws
  • Little Rock Nin
  • 3,446 (reported) lynching of Black people in the U.S between 1882-1968
  • Black people murdered for voting
  • Aiyana Jones (murdered) shot in the head by police while sleeping
  • judge was charged with selling kids to prison
  • Ethan Couch kills 4 people while driving drunk (receives probation and rehabilitation)